Neil Robinson: Bio

This website allows me to bring to you (at a nominal cost) a variety of music which I have arranged or composed for a range of uses. These days I lead many primary school acts of worship hence the Powerpoints which are very useful, school ensembles often play pieces specifically written for them (ensemble files) and instrumental files with backings are in great demand particularly by people who prefer home practise to performing.

I am a qualified teacher whose passion for teaching began at the age of 15, when my school music teacher put me in charge of the learners group. From that moment on I have endeavoured to pass on my skill and expertise to students of all abilities and ages.
Upon leaving school I followed an apprenticeship as a toolmaker whilst still pursuing my musical interests in my spare time. I subsequently went to university in the 80’s before starting a teaching career in Salford, then Darwen and finally Halifax where I reached the dizzy heights of “Head of Expressive Arts”.
I have been fortunate to develop my skills over the years and owe an awful lot to free school music lessons which existed when I was young!
My passion for music centres on the fact that anyone can access and learn to engage through music.
Primarily a trombonist, I also play Euphonium and am fluent in all clefs (I also improvise with ease). At present I am the Musical Director of The Friendly Band (only in Yorkshire could there be a village called Friendly).
A particular skill which I have (according to the AQA) is the ability to teach arranging and composing using a wide variety of sequencing softwares, this should be self evident from listening to some of the music for sale in this site! Specific pieces of music can be requested from me on request – contact me!
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