Brass Band Sheet Music

We offer a great deal of sheet music available for download, among them brass band arrangements. Neil has a long history of brass band playing as a trombonist and euphonium player, as well as conducting, until recently at Friendly Band, and currently Drighlington Brass Band. He has always been used to arranging beautiful and complex pieces for his bands, which are now freely available for anyone who wishes to use them. 

Still, Still, Still

This Euphonium solo is an arrangement of the beautiful, if slightly lesser-known Austrian Christmas carol, Still, Still, Still. The piece is playable by 16+ players up to full brass band, with the baritone/trombone parts interchangeable. At the end wait for each Euphonium run to end before playing the 2 crotchets into the next bar.

If you’re looking for something away from the standard Christmas repertoire this festive season, this piece is guaranteed to be the tune you sing all the way home after the concert!

still still still sheet music
Brass Band Arrangements

We Wish You A Merry Christmas

The old classic; this is a 6 or 7 verse arrangement based on the Carols for Choirs (green) book. Each verse is differently scored and accompanied, so your players won’t get bored before they get some figgy pudding. A Christmas crowd-pleaser, every band should have a copy of this in their arsenal!


Another classic you can play year-round, this is a full brass band set of the 60’s classic, Downtown recorded by Petula Clark and written by Tony Hatch. Though a guaranteed crowd-pleaser for audiences off a certain age, this arrangement still manages to keep the song fresh & the band entertained as they play it.

Brass Band Arrangements

If you like any of the arrangements you’ve seen here or do indeed play them with your bands, please do let us know – we’d love to hear from you! Likewise, if these pieces have inspired you – Neil is available for commissions. Simply get in touch here & we can discuss pricings.