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Ensemble Pieces


Ensemble Piece

Bad Day at Slack Bottom

Written for brass but a possible four soloist parts who begin entering one at a time (repeat as often as you wish) before the band parts join in.
Slack Bottom is on the moors towards Colne from Hebden Bridge, a wild and desolate placew with stunning beauty. It was a pointless answer in the TV show (Pointless) when asked to spot unusual named places in England!




Ensemble Piece

Polka Dot: Part 1

A bright march style with just a hint of dance thrown in. Scored for a brass group the parts can be doubled up for a full band if needed. (wind band extras are available on request at no extra charge). Polka dot part two can be used to extend the performance and has clear instructions to join the two together.




Ensemble Piece

Theme and Variations

A hymn like melody written for brass band. Variation one is a little brighter whilst variation two is in a minor key and slow (nice euphonium obbligato here), finishing with a canon styled variation each entry two beats after the last.




Ensemble Piece

Jamie’s Rock ‘N’ Roll

Written for brass band, Jamie was the one child who managed to break every instrument he was given (eventually ending up on an indestructible Bb Bass). A bright and bouncy piece with little obbligato parts for more experienced band members whilst the inner parts very straight forward.



Backing Tracks

 Backing Track

All Through The Night

A Welsh folk tune arranged in a very easy key suitable for the less experienced performer. Ensure that you breathe every two (or possibly four) bars to let the music flow nicely.



 Backing Track

Renaissance Dance Trio (Difficulty 2)

3 melodies dating from the 1600’s. The first two melodies could make a duet if you play both parts of each tune at the same time.



 Backing Track

Dick’s Maggot (Difficulty 2)

The true meaning of the “maggot” in music is a little unclear however it seems to point to a particular favourite of the performer or listener, here it is in a 3/2 time signature.



 Backing Track

Annie Laurie (Difficulty 2)

Quite a famous Scottish folk song arranged with variations (watch the key in Variation 2)!



 Backing Track

Stille: A German Folk Tune of Great Beauty

This arrangement is eminently playable and beautifully constructed. You enter at bar five and only play the beginning on repeat whilst a counter melody flows over the tune accompaniment before the change of key.



PowerPoint Presentations


What a Friend We Have in Jesus

Written in 1855 by Joseph Scriven. Famous Old Hymn in the key of Bb.




Be Still

A quiet and reflective hymn beautifully set in the key of Bb. Words are by David Evans, and text is from Exodus 3 : 5.




Rock of Ages

Composed when a preacher got trapped on the hills of the Mendips in the early 1800’s. Key of Bb.




All Things Bright and Beautiful

Lovely uplifting hymn, quite long and presented with a change of key near the end using the tune Royal Oak.